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10 January 2010 @ 07:44 am
hello! this is minamoto_yui  *waves* lavieheureuse , yunniethepooh and I here^^

I just... actually I dunno what to say here. I just wanna say... welcome! I finally made my own graphics community too~ ummm~
maybe now i'll explain about "what" we'll post here.

KPOP totally, because we're KPOP holic. We're Cassiopeia, so maybe there would be many posts about TVXQ here~
the rules... maybe almost of you know about it. You like our graphics, you take it, then you credit us and don't claim it as your own.
It's just simple yeah~ We're trying to update this community as well as we can~ we're trying to do our best too^^

Just enjoy your stay here, keep on the rules and thank you~^^